Convince Epicor that a record has been changed?

We have a newly found issue in 9.05.607A on the Job Entry screen. In base version with no customization applied, some jobs don’t recognize that a change has been made at the subassembly level. It doesn’t happen for all jobs, but it does happen consistently at the same jobs. I’ve A-B’d the good and bad jobs to see if a difference in the records looked suspicious, but I can’t see anything.

Changing description at ASM->Sub->ASM Parts->Operations is not recognized.

The bottom line question is how can I get Epicor to recognize that a change has been made? The trace log shows that nothing happens when I tab off the field after making a change. Nothing happens when I go to the next operation in the sub assembly.

Epicor can’t reproduce it so, hasn’t been able to offer any helpful suggestions.

Any ideas? Thanks!