Copy to Excel grayed out on ONE dashboard, but not all

This is a weird one. We have a dashboard where the user can’t copy to Excel from, although they CAN copy to Excel on other dashboards. When it was first reported, I was able to reproduce it, but now I can’t. I put rev numbers in the title bar of dashboards so I can confirm from the screenshots that we are running the same version of the dashboard, but on his screen the copy to Excel option is grayed out. On mine, it’s not and it works. Any ideas on what to look at? I had him clear cache already.

I’m not usually the one to work directly with the users, the one who was was able to reproduce this as well, but she is not in today to test it again. What puzzles me is I know I saw it happen on my system last week, and now it doesn’t. But still does on his system.

Does this user have Group By on? I’ve had issued with Copy to Excel before when it was enabled.

I would suggest the following articles:

The group by is off, so that’s not it.

I have gone through those articles before, and they don’t seem to apply. The same user CAN Copy to Excel from other dashboards, just not that one. I can Copy to Excel from that one, and he was able to Copy to Excel from rev02. rev02.1 added one column that wasn’t there previously. at first I thought it might have been that column, but the issue still continued even when that column was removed. I guess I’m looking for ideas that I haven’t already tried :slight_smile:

Thanks for the responses!

Verify it was deployed as dashboard-assembly

It was. All of them are, runtime is just too messy :slight_smile: I did re-deploy just in case, but no difference.

Did you try going into the dashboard and ‘Deploy Smart Client Application’?

That’s how I re-deployed. I can watch the progress that way, I never know what is happening if I just Deploy UI Application from the first screen.

@MLamkin I have had some dashboards that took forever to show on some users PCs.

I would see if there are personalizations on the dashboard for this user and with Epicor closed delete everything below C:\ProgramData\Epicor for that app server so it will force new copies from the server.

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If this user does have a personalization, it might also be necessary to delete that personalization completely.

The clearing of the one folder is something that fixed another person before, I’ll see if I can get him to do that. He has no personalizations to deal with at least. I’ve suggested he try the clearing and told him the steps, but I’m not familiar with his computer skills. Hopefully the other person will be back on Monday and can help him with it. (I don’t have physical access to his system, she does).

Try redeploying it to a different menu location.