COS/WIP capture locked when posting

We are on 10.2.600.9 and our user running Capture had a communication issue with the task agent when running capture for month end.

Error: The COSAndWIP:::::: is locked by sbudiselich on 04/30/21 0 [Status: Posting].

No transactions in the review journal.

Anyone know if there is a conversion program to unlock the transactions to get us going again vs a fix from support?


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If I recall correctly there’s a conversion you can run. The description is something like “unlock GL records locked by user”. I’m not 100% sure on that wording though.

I agree there probably is a conversation program. I haven’t had capture get stuck, in the past E9 life we ran one for AR post getting stuck more often.

Ran conversion to unlock transactions with no entry in review journal. All good.