Capture COS/WIP not posting to GL

I ran Capture COS/WIP for our last month and am not seeing anything being posted to the GL. The process completes with no errors. Nothing is getting posted to the Review Journal.

I copied production over to test and tried it there and everything posts like expected. Any ideas what to check to see why it’s not working in prod(9.05.702A). Thanks.

Are those unposted trans for a closed period?

In V8 you’d get out of date transaction warnings for trans that are un posted, but whose apply date would be in a closed period.

In E10, there is an option to force the apply date to the first of the next open period.

For example, if a Receipt was entered on 11/ 5, but with a receipt date of 10/31, and then October FP was closed, that receipt wont automatically post.

I’d run the WIP/Recon with

  • dates from 1/1/2019 to 11/30/2019
  • Only Unposted trans
  • By Tran Date (this might be new in E10)

I ran WIP/Recon from 1/1/19 to 10/31/19 and nothing was returned at all. It does not appear that there are any unposted transactions.

That would explain why nothing posted.

What makes you think there are unposted transactions?

When looking at our income statement for that month, none of my regular COS gls have been updated. They are all still at 0. When I copy prod over to test and run Capture COS/WIP, those same gls ARE updated and contain $ amounts.

We have had issues with that in the past but usually we see a message in the Review Journal. Can you run Conversion 10250? This will un-stick your group and then, you can run a WIP for the unposted tx and see if they come in there again. We also have a fix when our posting group does not complete and we have to do it over. It is two steps: 1. CorrectCOSWIPPosted.r and 2. UnpostCOSWIPTrans-NoStk-Stk.r. Those two pieces usually get our group to post.

Did you check the current month or November .

Vinay Kamboj

I ran conversion 10250. It appeared to clear some records although I don’t see anything when I run the WIP/Recon for the entire year. Is that fix something you can send me? Thanks.

If I run the WIP/Recon for the month after I see plenty of unposted transactions. If I run WIP/Recon for the month in question, nothing shows for posted or unposted.

The fix we have came from Epicor and is customized to your database. You could see if they could send you one for your version.