Create Report Quantity Customization

I am trying to create a customization on Report Quantity in MES. I have 1 primary goal:

Make it simpler/easier for production line to report quantities. Too many keystrokes and clicks with the default functionality.

My current plan to accomplish this is to push us toward barcode scanning. The first hurdle I need to overcome is how to advance to a specific next field when I scan something. For instance, scan the job barcode, advance to the Operation - which allows me to scan the Operation without tabbing or clicking… then, advance to the assembly, etc.

Concurrently, I am attempting to add a third button option to go along with OK/Cancel. I want this button to function just like the OK button, but then clear the form and return the focus to the job field so I can effectively Report Another. Often, we will carry out several of the same operation but for different jobs as it requires the same tools, personnel, and/or tied to the same order, etc.

Having said that, I’m open to suggestions on better ways to accomplish the goal also.

Hi Dan,

I am currently working on MES/barcoding too. I am a complete newby, so take my advice with a grain of salt. However, I did find this technique by hunting and pecking in epiusers help:

If you setup your scanner to have a suffix of Tab after your scan, it’ll move to next tab field after scanning barcode. If tab as a suffix isn’t available and enter is, you can change the global options on the form for enter to work as tab.

I’m starting to look into how to do more with a customization. Perhaps this post by Adam Ellis will help you too:


That’s a very interesting concept. I hadn’t even thought about making it so I could scan a barcode while in MES and it would just know what to do with it. That’s even easier!

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Here’s a couple of other good posts that may be useful that I’ve found with my hunting and pecking. I’m trying to get it going with PO receipts… but these post are very much in line with your production activity reporting needs.