Creating a editable field on JobHead?

Caveat that I'm using E9.

I doubt this is the approved way of handling it, but I set a couple checkboxes on JobHead as Key Fields in Job Entry. They don't have any impact on pulling in records, and they're always enabled.

I have another checkbox that can always be toggled via a custom button on the screen. Similarly, maybe you could place an unbound text field next to a button, and customize the button to save the contents of the text field to a JobHead field.

So, when a job is engineered and released most of the fields disable with the exception of a few, like Locked and Production Yield.  I've added a couple fields of my own bound to the JobHead UD fields (in E10).

The problem is these fields seem to respect strictly the Engineered and Released status to determine whether they're read only or not.

The Locked and Production Yield fields are also bound to the JobHead table, so somehow there's something allowing them to be toggled regardless of the status of the job.

Anyone know how to accomplish this, create editable fields regardless of app level logic.  I also have fields on the PO Lines I'd like notes to be managed regardless of the PO approved status.