Credit Hold

Does anybody have a way (BPM or Other) that if a customer terms are net 30 days that Epicor does not put them on credit until (Net days + 20)? WE all know that if a customer has terms of Net 30 days they do not pay until after 30 days. We are constantly taken the same customers off credit hold every day because of this.

It would be a custom process if I recall correctly.

Are you saying a custom process set or a custom program to Epicor?

Custom Process. I have previously setup for customers a way to use a grace period after an invoice is overdue before putting the customer on credit hold. Additionally, the customer would automatically be taken off of credit hold when all invoices were up to date (inside the grace period).

IF you are willing to share it here that would be nice. If not, and I understand why, would you contact me at 724-388-7917 and leave a message so that I can get back to you.

It was more than code and would require some planning to decide how you want to accomplish it, but the basic idea was that a daily triggered event (typically a BAQ Export before Functions in 10.2.600) would calculate if any invoice is over the grace period (which can be defined globally, at the customer, at the customer group, or the terms code in a UD field). Then would run the Method to set the customer on Credit Hold.

I’ve always been under the impression that the Credit Hold gets applied by E10 once the Credit Limit has been reached. I’ve not considered that it would be a Customer account on Credit Hold for the first outstanding invoice over terms.

Is this the behaviour that you’re seeing in your system? It is date driven instead of amount driven?

EDIT: oh look at that, there is another drop down box and checkbox called Aging Hold - never noticed that before :slight_smile: Looks like it was added in E10, the fields don’t exist in E9 DB.

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@richgibbons Please check whether your version has Aging Code Maintenance under AR->Setup. If it’s available then you can use that. Otherwise as suggested by @Jason_Woods, the custom process need to be developed for that. I too have done the same in E9 but it requires some thought process or you consider upgrading to the latest version. I remember, in one of the Insights Finance session, Credit hold rated as one of the key issues with Epicor Finance as it doesn’t handle invoice overdue scenario.