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If I can remember correctly what I've been told, this feature is some carryover from the International version and does not work in 4.0. We were told in the Road Show that we could print such things as Sales Orders in spanish. Wrong. It won't happen, and I don't know what the word on this is for 5.0????

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Have you looked at the "Language" feature in Morocco? Vantage Help makes this
seem like this should be a solution. However, I could never reconcile the Help
against how the system seemed to (not)work.

If you (or anyone else) figures out how to implement this 4.0 feature I would
love to hear about it!!!

Good Afternoon,

Back on 8/3 & 8/4 there was several messages related to Spanish
translation and accent characters within Crystal Forms...

I have an English Progress 9.0B database with Vantage 4.00.812 and
Crystal Report v8 DevEd (English).

With our facilities in Mexico I now have a need to generate invoices,
etc, in Spanish...

Epicor supports response was as follow:
"We currently have no information on translating English into Spanish
using Crystal reports. You may want to pose this question at:
Also, I understand that they are discussing the possibility of
creating a Spanish translation of Vantage in the future, but it may
be quite a while before it is done."

Seagate support (Database Connectivity & Report Design Team(s) was
equally helpful:
Since the data does exist within the database in Spanish, Crystal is
unable to translate it. If I was somehow able to replicate my english
vantage.db into spanish then use Crystal Report Spanish edition....
Their other suggestion was port the desired data to an intermediary
Visual Basic application that translated the data then ported it into

Has anyone attempted this type of translation? Or perhaps have a
different suggestion? Otherwise the coding begins now.

Regards, Lee

Mike Lowe
Corporate I.S. Manager
Connor Manufacturing Services
(909) 273-1282

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