Custom reports in the browser?

I asked around at Insights and was not able to locate anybody who had an answer for this. Support has not responded to my case on this either. I can’t imagine this isn’t supported.

I have menu items I have created for custom reports. Not custom report styles for a built-in report, I am referring to full custom SSRS reports. The report selection screen launches fine in classic (with no banner to try the new app). The menu items are Report type menu items.

They are missing from the menu in the browser. I have looked at the built-in report menu items that DO appear in the browser, and they all have the classic customization field filled in. My report menu items aren’t customized so there aren’t any customizations selected on the menu.

It doesn’t appear in kinetic menu maintenance (why???) but the Web Resource URL field is also blank on my custom report menu items in ice.Menu but populated for the system report menu items. Even if I manually update the webresourceurl based on what I think the setting should be, it doesn’t solve the problem.

I’ve also tried recreating the menu items in kinetic menu maintenance and classic menu maintenance and it doesn’t make any difference either way.

Example of a built-in menu item that works in the browser:

My custom report that is missing in the browser:

Any ideas?

I confirmed that I also cannot do this in Classic/Modern, or in Kinetic. Kinetic 2022.2.11

Out of curiosity, if you clone the system one and remove the customization that’s on it, does it behave the same as yours?

Interestingly, it didn’t work when I created it, but when I filled in the web resource url with ‘metafx/#/view/Erp.UIDynRpt.MenuSecAudit’ in ice.Menu then it worked even with no customization on it.

So really the missing web resource url is the problem. The problem is ‘metafx/#/view/Erp.UIDynRpt.[myreport]’ doesn’t seem to exist.

I don’t use reports like that often (ever? Lol), but on whatever screen you create them in, is there some sort of “deploy” option to build the resource similar to dashboards where you deploy it as a Kinetic app?

Not in Report Style maintenance but I see they now have a kinetic version of report style maintenance that has a new Generate Form command on the overflow menu. When I click that, it brings up the kinetic version of the report selection screen which is progress!! But still no idea how to get it to load on the menu. Off to do more searching.

Ok so I got it to work with these steps.
In Kinetic report style, overflow > Generate Form
In the form that slides out, overflow > application studio
I thought I had to create a custom layer but it worked without creating a custom layer, but I couldn’t figure out how else to find the name of the application that was created without going in there.
Then in Menu Maintenance, add new Kinetic App referencing the new app that was apparently generated in the Report style form.

I still can’t make it work with my original Report type menu item to launch the kinetic report selection screen, because it doesn’t show up to select in the Classic customization selection box, which is how the system report type menu items are set up. Only BaseExtension apps show up in the list to search.

You don’t set it up as report. I believe you set it up as a Kinetic app. I’ll have to get into my system to verify.

That’s what I just said lol. But I already have a Report type menu item for the people still using classic. Now I have to have two menu items for the same report which is silly. The system repots are using report type menu items for kinetic reports so I should be able to too.

I can’t read. But yes it’s not ideal.