Report Styles with BAQ data source (not BAQ Report based Report Styles) - Can you launch in Kinetic Browser?

Was following this thread only to find that the report styles can’t be launched in the Kinetic Browser.

Is that true, or am I missing something?

The menu type I am trying to use is “Report.”

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I’m not sure what you are asking? A particular report style or the Report Style app?

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If anyone is wondering you need to open report styles and then you need to go to Generate Form (picture 1).

Then once the form is generated (a report prompt) you use the overflow menu there and go into application studio (picture 2).

Then from application studio you create, save, and publish the layer (pictures 3,4,5). Pay attention to the application type in picture 3!!! this will be needed in a later step. The application type is Erp.UIDynRpt.TheReportStyleName.

Then create a new menu item for your report in menu maintenance and choose the options seen in picture 6. Notice the application type :wink:

How to publish a report style app. And then use it on a menu, that’s what I was looking for. maybe the process is in a tech ref guide somewhere, I didn’t find it in the help.

I appreciate you reading this post and trying to understand my very vague post.

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Anytime @utaylor . And nice write up by the way. Thanks for doing it.

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Is it already written up somewhere official? Like a tech ref guide or something?

I dunno, if it is, no one has found it or at least posted it that I know of.
We’ve explained it a few times on the forum.

couldn’t find it on here unfortunately. Not sure what combo of words I need to search to get to those threads.

I tried “dumpster fire,” but it didn’t come up.