Custom Reports Missing

My customer contacted me today with an odd error. Most of the users who are not admins have lost the custom reports menu in their Vista

It seems like the permissions are all messed up but i am not sure how that could have happened.

Anyone know how I can fix this issue? Or maybe what to look for to track down the issue?


I realized that if I recreate the user in Epicor the custom reports options come back.

Is there a utility that i can run to repair any issues like this?


Are there any potential problems that can arise from recreating users?

If I delete a user and recreate it with the same user name will that cause any problems?


I don’t remember Vista that well (it was a LONG time ago), but Epicor stores the UserID as part of each transaction record… so if the user has transactions under their ID, you probably won’t be allowed to delete it.