Custom Text field x50 limit too small - E10.0.700.4

Epicor 10.0.700.4


Some contacts have email addresses longer than the x50 character limit in the email address field.
I have tried to customize the form to make it allow more characters in custom tools dialog, then under EpiBinding is ‘format x(50)’

But it is greyed out, non editable.

I can only see the one type of text box (EpiTextBox) which can be added in, and a new instance is also is restricted to x(50) and I can’t make it greater.

Any ideas much appreciated!

Did you ever find a solution? I have a similar problem with the output path of an EDI report style. I changed the underlying column to a nvarchar(max) but the EpiTextBox format is still limited to 60 characters.

I didn’t Kevin, other than Epicor to say they’d look into it in future versions.
I assume that gets filed in the same drawer as all the children’s requests to Santa for unicorns.

I have you guys tried to change the format in the extended properties?

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Unfortunately, that does not work :frowning:

THe database field is 50 characters you can’t go beyond it without change the Database itself (which is Highly not recommended)

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Yes, definitely not messing with that. Sorry to dig this issue up. I know it’s old, but was surprised there hasn’t been a solution yet. Looks like the only real solution is to build a UD.

@Chan213419 please vote for the idea if it is important to you. It is one that we are still hoping to get done, but not yet approved for a future release.