Customer table change from 300 to 600 versions

I noticed that the customer table no longer has the following fields:


and others on other tables…

This made a Dashboard having errors…needed to change the related BAQ.

Question: What would be an easy way to search all BAQ’s for the presence of those fields ? (if such endeavor is possible… )

Comment: I would have expected the conversion tools to flag the BAQ’s, Dashboards and Forms where such ‘removed’ fields would appear… But it did not in this case…

You can make a BAQ for the contents of BAQ’s!




You could put criteria on QueryField table to limit it to the fields of the table you want.


Interestingly enough … my BAQ has the QueryHdr table in it (even displaying a field from it) but it doesn’t appear in the results for the QueryID E10H-BAQ-Contents

Edit #2

A BAQ of just the QueryField table does show the QueryHdr entry.

Gee looks so obvious… why I have not thought of that !!! :roll_eyes:

Thanks Calvin I will give it a shot…

That’ll probably only get you the places where the field is a displayed column.

Finding how to include placses where the field is used in a calculation, is left as an exercise for the student… :wink: