Customization Debugging

In the process of migrating 9.05.702A to ERP 10.1.500.7. While updating customizations I’ve noticed that I don’t have access that the checkbox to debug in Visual Studio is grayed out.

I looked in the Migrating documentation to see if I’ve missed anything, but I haven’t found anything.

Any ideas?

There are very specific versions of visual studio that are supported and they vary from version to version of Epicor. For 10.1.500 I believe versions 2012-2015 are supported.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll install Visual Studio 2015 Ent.
Let you know after installation.

The community edition works great too and it’s much more free :slight_smile: (unless you already own Ent)

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You might be wasting your time installing VS 2015 ENT…Stick with 2015 Community version, that will work for sure.

This Epicor 10.1 Answer Book (19874ESC) summarizes what changes were made in this area for Epicor 10.1:

  1. SCR 154611 was added. Epicor 10.1 will now use the Windows Registry to see if a supported Version of Visual Studio is installed.
    If a supported Version of Visual Studio is Not found, the “Debug in Visual Studio” Checkbox (in the Select Customization Screen) will be disabled.

  2. SCR 157769 was added to support Visual Studio 2013 Pro.
    In addition, here is a list of Visual Studio Versions that are supported (the Debug checkbox will be enabled) and Not supported (the Debug checkbox will be disabled):
    No Visual Studio installed on system - Checkbox is disabled
    Visual Studio 2010 Shell and Visual Studio 2013 Shell - Checkbox is disabled
    Visual Studio 2010 Professional, Premium or Ultimate - Checkbox is enabled
    Visual Studio 2012 Professional - Checkbox is enabled
    Visual Studio 2013 Professional - Checkbox is enabled
    Development informed Tech Support that for Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition (free version) - Checkbox is enabled.
    NOTE: Epicor 10.1 will also now check and use the newest, supported Visual Studio version installed.

Yeah, 2015 worked. thanks.

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Ran into this error.

Help states to set debug to true in the web.config, which I think is already set to true

< serviceDebug includeExceptionDetailInFaults=“true” / >

any ideas? <again>

Step INTO the server is not possible, unless you have the PDB for each server DLL and even that is finishy at best. Just hit F10 on the BO calls and step over them


Sorry to resurrect something so old but since the community edition of VIsual Studio is for open source or educational purposes, isn’t it against the MS license terms to use it for Epicor troubleshooting? The reason I ask is that someone representing MS comes around every year or two to do a software audit on us. Everything has to be perfect.