Customization for the Application Failed Validation for Build - Help Needed

I started validating our customizations for Kinetic 2021.1 and I am getting a weird error.


I went through some of the steps at the bottom of this post but still can’t get it to validate for the new version:

Does this mean that I need to build the customization from scratch in Kinetic 2021.1 or is there something else I can try?


I should note that if I open PO Entry with developer turned on and select the customization it opens just fine. Addiionally, if I test the code it completes without failure and prints the po as it should.

Just curious, I’m not using Kinetic yet.
Is there still an option to “Force Validation” on customizations?
I’ve used this in older versions when I’ve received false errors on validation.



You just saved me hours of rebuilding customizations. Thanks a ton!