Customization Failed After Upgrade

I just upgraded from 10.2.600.13 to 10.2.700.7 and a customization, I didn’t create, on our Sales Order failed validation for build 3.2.700.0. Someone explain what this is and how I fix this?

If you turn on developer mode, does it list the customization? Is there any kind of notification as by whom it was added?

Can it be validated/verified via the customization workbench?

Looked in the Cust Maint and there as a warning and some lines that needed to be fixed. I am not a coder so am not able to fix this myself. Besides, in live, I’d rather roll it back. Which brings another question, how do yo roll back the version of an Epicor DB?

Normally DLL mismatched happened, Share the error message.

In Customization Maint it says Compile Error: Warning: CS0252 Line # 173 (and 280) Possible unintended reference comparison; to get a value comparison, cast the left hand side to type ‘string’

If can paste the code I am sure we can help fix the error.

Also, if you want to stop using that customization and go back to the base screen you can do that in menu maintenance. Find the menu and then remove the applied customization and save it. restart the Epicor client and you should have the base screen back.

Sales Order Code.txt (13.2 KB)

The line numbers you mentioned appear ok. I suspect the line number reported in the error message is from the readonly version of the script.

When you open the screen in developer mode, then click tools -> customization can you “Test Code” and see what errors that produces.


No. Also in Customization maint–>Actions–> Run it runs perfectly fine. Just weird.

What happens when you open the screen normally?

White error screen come sup with the above error. failed validation for build 3.2.700.0


I pulled the Customization out of Menu Maint, close dup, and put it back in. Then recycled the app pool and it now works. At least for now.

That’s good. Hopefully the gremlins stay away!

I’ve got the same issue (kind of) right now. I have two common screens that will not load due to the failed validation error message. In the Customization Workbench, there are no errors and no warnings.

I’ve tried everything I can think of, but no joy. I got a third to work by moving fields around on the screen. But now the personalizations are giving me a lot of issues on that one.

Before Customization Workbench validation:


After Customization Workbench Validation:

After trying to load it:

Then in customization workbench:



I just realized that on my “Pass” it was listing it as w3.2.700.0 … very weird. I ended up exporting the customization, importing it with a different name, changed the menu item, relaunched and everything works just fine.

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