Customized Part Maintenance form shows certain fields as disabled

I had hidden the Alternate parts tab on the Part Maint. form as it was a feature we didn’t use. Now that we want to use it, I’ve un-hidden it, but the fields under remain “disabled” (grayed out).

Steps to repeat.

  1. Open Part Maintenance (base form, no customization)

  2. Enter a valid P/N

  3. Switch to the Alternates tab. All fields are enabled, and I can switch to the List tab

  4. Close Part Maintenance

  5. Open Part Maintenance (customization PM_02b)

  6. Enter the same valid P/N

  7. Switch to Alternates tab. All fields are diabaled, and cannot select List tab

  8. Enter Customization mode, and inspect controls. The partSubsPanel, partSubsDetailPanel and partSubsListPanel are all enabled and visible

  9. Checking several controls on the partSubsDetailPanel, and they are all enabled ant visible.

  10. Close the customization Tools window, without saving.

  11. Enter the P/N in Part Maint window (the one opened in step 5, is still open)

  12. Switch to Alternates tab. All fields are enabled, and List tab can be selected.

If I close the Part Maint window and re-open the customization (starting at step 5), I get the same results (6 - 12)

I’ve tried clearing the cache, and logging out and back in. But no luck.

verify your updated customization on the Customization maintenance, then clear the cache again, then log off/ and on back

The Customization Data window, Properties tab, shows the control as disabled (Enabled = FALSE):

Yet the customization window shows it as enabled:


I disabled it (in Customization window), saved, re-enabled, and saved again.

Now its working. Thanks @A.Baeisa

Follow up question …

Why does the following show up as a customization, when that control’s default value for the Enabled property is TRUE?

i am assuming that you are showing the data properties for your customized form, thereby once you create a customized version for any form, all it properties value become a customized values, so when you change or modify anything it is butter to run the verification process, and check your form, if you have any issue then show the properties data and compare.

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