Dashboad date range for all windows

Epicor V10.
I have created a tracker view and added two date fields one greater than one less than to give me a date range for the view.

Is there any way for other baq’s on the same dashboard to subscribe to those date fields.

I have multiple windows each a different BAQ and I don’t want to have multiple tracker windows for each BAQ.

If I use publish and subscribe I am filtering by a singe date range from some master BAQ.

I hope I am describing this correctly - I would imagine I am not the first to ask about a date range that can be used by multiple BAQ’s on a single dashboard.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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The problem sounds like you want to have the date range persist across all of the baqs you are showing. I actually figured out how to do this on accident…you’ll see why in a second. Add your main BAQ which you are going to filter off of, add a tracker as input prompts only. After you have your tracker select the data grid from the left menu in the tree view then push the delete button. The original data grid disappears, this isn’t available when you right click on it. If you delete the data grid before you add the tracker then the baq is removed from the dashboard. Now you have a tracker that you can nest as many baqs as you need. And yes it does allow you to add the same baq multiple times to a dashboard.

Mr. Jeremy: Thank you for the reply.
I tried deleting the Grid after creating the tracker view.

However, I am fumbling with how to get the tracker date fields to be filters on my added BAQ’s.

So I have a dashboard that starts with a Purchase order date range. However, I would like to use that date range for a Sales Order BAQ that I added as a separate window in the same Dashboard.


How do you nest the BAQ’s?

Hey Dave, sorry just got back from vacation.

I think I may have over answered you question and added a little too much detail. When you add multiple baqs and you want the data from one to drive the data from others you need to publish fields. When designing the dashboard right click the baq name in the left window pane and select the publish tab and you should now see a list of fields in the baq. Right click on a baq that you want to subscribe to that and go to properties. This time go to the filter tab, set the ColumnName to the column you need to filter on and in the Value column when you hit the drop down you should see the published columns. If this was done right in the left window pane you should see a satellite with an arrow pointing out next to the baq publishing data and a satellite pointing inward with a baq filtering on that data.

Hopefully this answers your question a little more clearly, let me know if you need more help.


Nest was a poor choice of words. I really meant dock bellow a single tracker view kind of like the image bellow.

Mr. Jeremy: Welcome back and Thank you for the additional detail.

Please forgive me for being so dense. It looks like I can only reference (i.e. “Subscribe”) to a single field that has been Published by the main BAQ.

How can my separate BAQ’s added to the dashboard access the Start and End dates. If I can only subscribe to a Field, then is there a way to reference the Start and End dates entered in the Tracker View?


After you set the value in the filter tab press enter, another row will appear to add another filter.

Mr. Jeremy: The Filter Points to a single Published Field in the main BAQ.

Again I would ask - how do I reference the Start and End dates entered in the Tracker?


Hmm, I think I finally understand what you’re actually looking for and well…I don’t have a clue how to do it outside of customizing the dashboard menu item. Would it be possible to use a single baq? You can show multiple grid views which filter off of a single range. Unfortunately I don’t think I can help, sorry.

The only way I could think of is using a custom form and pulling in BAQs via C#. Then using custom fields to run a parameter/refresh or use SSRS/Report manager.