Dashboard - multiple queries / grids one date Range

I have one dashboard - two queries / two grids.
I would like to filter both by the same date range.
The two queris are basically the same.
JobHead table.
One in want a date range by Create Date
the other I want date range by Closed date.
This way it is one dashboard, user enters one date range and it shows the jobs created in the date range in one grid and the other shows jobs closed by the same date range.
I can get one but can’t figure out how to send to date range to the other.
Is this even possible or should I just do something completely different.


I have done something like this in the past with a “master” query that then is used as the publisher for the data that is subscribed to in the other queries.
Now that you can pass parameters directly to a query, you could theoretically pass the two dates to a master query as parameters. then have that query return the two dates in a single row (calculated fields). This master query could have any additional parameters you want to have as well, such as customer, part number, etc. You could even hide this query in the dashboard, except for the “tracker view” which would be needed for you to enter the dates with.

So, if I understand you, add two calculated fields to the main/master query. have those as prompted / paramaters and stored. The in the dashboard have those fields published, the the second query subscribe / filter off of those two field values?