Dashboard Browse in Kinetic Dashboard

In the old UI you were able to set a Dashboard Browse in a dashboard and you could open the dashboard through the ‘Open With’ option to open for example the dashboard for a specific Job. I now deployed my dashboard in Kinetic UI, but the Dashboard Browse does not seem to work. Whenever I open the dashboard from a Job in Job Entry for example it will show me all the Jobs, without filtering.

Is this functionality missing in the Kinetic dashboards? Or should i set it up differently?


Any ideas?

As far as I can tell dashboard development has been thrown over the fence into Application Studio. Any advanced functionality that existed in the dashboard designer needs to be replicated in an app studio layer.

I don’t have an answer for your specific question, but the solution will likely involve a custom event that populates the dashboard/dataview.

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I ask support about this a while back and was told they were not supporting the Dashboard browse feature in Kinetic and we would need to come up with another method. I was at another company at the time so unable to get the exact response.

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Thank you for your reply. It’s very unfortunate that this is no longer standard functionality. This would mean that if we open this dashboard from 10 different forms we would have to create 11 Kinetic Layers since we need to customize both the ‘calling-app’ and the dashboard itself :frowning:

On the plus side. Adding BAQ Dataviews seems to be more intuitive in Application Studio. Its also much easier to embed an updateable BAQ into a standard screen.

Often times I use embedded dashboards in .net screens purely becuase this was the only way I knew how to get an updatable BAQ into another screen. This is no longer required in App Studio.

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