Dashboard Row Button

Is it possible to add a print button to a row of a dashboard? I would like to have a list of open orders and be able to click a button to print a pick list.

I did the buttons part of it once here. I ended up not using them, so I don’t have the code anymore, but this is where I got the examples to make it work.

The print side of things, I’m not sure I know how to do. I would imagine it would be a launch forms with teh launch form options set by the selected row.

When I need to do an activity based on a grid row, I found easier usually to add a button on top of the grid, and upon a click, would verify if a row is selected and do whatever I need to do with it.

But in this case I may recommend a different way as this feature might be used outside of your grid…Using Context menu.

I added a context menu to OrderNum, so that where ever I right click on an order I can print the Pick List report. by right clicking…

This menu calls a UD form in where (this was the original request, … ) I fill in all the parameters to launch, in pdf preview mode, the pick list, then close the UD form. (so kind of transparent to the user… :wink: )


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Do you have a script for the code??