Dashboard stops working

I had a dashboard which was working fine and stopped working. I recreated the same dashboard and it worked for an hour and now is coming up with the same error as the first one.

This is the filter:

I am publishing these fields:

The fields are still present on the query:

And they are not strings, they are most certainly dates:

And if the order makes any difference:

Any ideas or thoughts are appreciated.

Is it because of this?



Unfortunately I don’t believe that to be the issue. It shouldn’t be because those are from two different queries and the dashboard was working and stopped without changes. DateClosed is from the first query where I am publishing the values from and the field in the “listener” is ClosedDate.

It appears as though the first query I’m running that is publishing the fields is timing out now rather than running. When it times out, it’s not publishing those fields which means they would be null. My guess is that because it returns null it’s converting it to an empty string and hence the comparison error.

When run in the designer it is quick (129.5224 ms) but when run in the designer it times out. Any ideas what would cause this? Once again, there were literally no changes made. I created the new one and it worked great. Went to lunch and now it no longer works.

Also, just to make it more confusing, it worked again once just now. Then it wouldn’t work again.

You probably have some bad date. We had an SSRS report stop working when someone entered a date as 01/01/0069.

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I had one query(A) running two grids. I had the filter on the second grid. The published fields were coming from a different query(B).

I removed one of the grids from query A and added query A a second time. I then put the filter on the query and not the dashboard. It works fine now. (At least for the moment)

I had read that filters on queries and dashboards don’t always play nice but I didn’t think it would cause a query that was publishing the fields to time out but it appears as if that were the case.

I greatly appreciate the attempts to help me with this. Thank you guys so much.