Dashboard to update jobs on another site

I am creating a dashboard for a person who manages three sites. He wants to be able to change properties of a job on another site that he manages.

On the dashboard, if he launches it from Site A, he can only modify jobs on Site A, is there a way to allow him to modify jobs on Site B?

I have mock up the dashboard and this is the error that pop ups.

"This job cannot be modified from this site. To access this job change to the XXXXX site.

Is there a way to break this lock? I know in service connect, you can define Username, password, company and plant for the .net call.
e.g. Company=EPIC06;Plant=MfgSys

But for Updatable dashboard, can we modify the BASE so that the update can be done.

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i have the same issue, did you make it work already?

I ended up using a UD table to store the change, and the a BPM launch the service connect routine that can modify jobs by specifying the Company and Plant in the Call.

Reviving this old thread. Has anyone found another solution for this without having to use Service Connect?

The latest version of Kinetic allows you to view jobs from any site through Job Tracker/Entry however, when you have a dashboard and do right click Open With, the Tracker/Entry opens blank still. Oddly enough, you can just type the same job number you attempted to Open With without having to close the form and it retrieves the job with no issues.

Updateable Dashboards are still restricted to allow changes to records to the site the user is signed into as shown in this post above.

I created a ticket and inquired if this will change in a future version but was advised it will not and to submit a feature request. Looking to see if there are any other options, Thanks.

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