Dashboard - Updatable comment field - "Enter" key value issue

Hi all!

I added a comment field available in the work orders screen in a dashboard.
The field in the dashboard can be updated.

When the values are returned in the dashboard, the carriage return does not seem to be taken into account.
On the other hand, when I write new values directly by the dashboard, it is saved and displayed correctly with the carriage return in the work order screen.

Is there a way to fix this so that the text displays correctly on the dashboard side?

Thank you in advance for your help! :slight_smile:

left side → dashboard /
right side → work order comment tab

You may have to manually parse the linebreaks. I use a bit of code like this in a dashboard that has to display comments with linebreaks:

		MyComment.Text = args.CurrentView.dataView[args.CurrentRow]["PartOpr_CommentText"].ToString();
		string myCom = MyComment.Text.Replace("\x0A",Environment.NewLine);				
		MyComment.Text = myCom;

Here you can see I pull in the raw value into the comment control, then I use the value sitting there to parse the line breaks into a new variable. Then I replace the contents of the control with the new comment variable and all the line breaks show up.
Good luck!

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