Dashboard View Rule

I having an issue in a few of my dashboards, the highlighting does not always appear to work. The dashboard i’m working with now I highlight the job number that matches the job number of the grid above it. It always work when in the dashboard developer but when I run test application it will randomly not highlight the matching job.

Has anybody else seen this happen?

Hi, when making changes to the dashboards it is always worth copying them and creating a new one with a new version number. I use V1, V2 etc on the end, as this forces the creation of a new DLL and has solved quite a few issues for me.

Thanks for the tip but that did not work. Any other suggestions?

Seeing a lot of this myself, did you ever find a solution? Seems to happen most with multiple view rules.

I had this issue, in my case I had several rules spread across 3 different linked datasets. In my case, I found I had to supply some Notify events to keep everything properly rendered. It may not be relevant to your situation.