Data Collection through Citrix was: Report Builder through Cit

In case anyone is interested here is the command line to start
Vantage as a data collection user. I use it with a menu
I made in Visual Basic substituting variables in for the userid
and password. If anyone needs the vb code or wants it explained
just ask. You can use this to prevent Vantage from starting
more than once.

(this goes all on one line, I broke it up for readability)
o:\progress\bin\prowin32.exe o:\vantage\db\vantage.db
-ininame o:\vantage\vantage.ini -pf o:\vantage\db\
-T g:\work\userid\vntgwork
-param "VantageLogin=userid/password VantageDataCollectionUser=YES"
-N TCP -S vantage -H vantage -p mainmenu.w

"Podlin, Michael" wrote:
> Publish the application using the full command line. Don't use the "VTG"
> files. I got much better results over Citrix by publishing the applications
> (Vantage & Report Builder) by entering the full command line for the
> application.
> Mike :)
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> Subject: [Vantage] Report Builder through Citrix.
> When I try and publish Report Builder, when the users launch - they get
> error(193) occurred while creating user logon. Failing component:
> "L:\Vantage\Report Builder.vtg" and it quits. Has anyone come across
> this before? thanks.
> Gary Buck
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