Data Fix - Import Health Script Questions

We had Epicor support issue us a datafix last year for something in PartDetail (Time Phase). We needed another one so they sent us another file this year (on a newer version of Epicor too).

When I try to import health check it with the Epicor admin console, it flashes by very quickly, no success message that I can read anyway. The new fix has the exact same filename and name as the previous fix and I’m wondering if that could be the problem. I’ve reached back out to support on this but in the mean time I’ll ask the community.

I tried to delete the old (and now expired) one from datafix workbench but it doesn’t actually remove it.

So my questions are thus:

  1. Do the data fix names need to be unique?
  2. Can we remove old ones from the database after they have expired?

Is it a .df file? You import those via Data Fix Workbench. It should overwrite a conflicting fix.

Yes, it is indeed a .DF file.

In Epicor admin console, when I import it a progress bar importing SQL scripts flashes that says Importing SQL scripts. And when I say flash I mean it’s on the screen for 100ms. I had to use screen recording software to record it then play it back to even read it.

But it doesn’t say success or anything, and I’m not sure if it even finishes correctly-- probably not because the fix isn’t available in the client.

Use the Data Fix Workbench in the client.

Admin console is for .sql files.

I literally did this earlier today to clear out old cruft in the ECO tables.

I have come to find out that in this version of Epicor 10.2.700, data fixes (.df files) are imported with the Data Fix Workbench. That is different than it was previously and we just upgraded so this process was new to me.

Inside Datafix Workbench you choose Actions > Import Data Fix

This process is actually easier than going to the Epicor Admin console and importing it there (which now doesn’t seem work for .df files) so that’s nice. Hope this helps someone else.


It helps me, I didn’t know the instructions had changed.