Datamatrix barcode standard in a crystal report

Epicor 9.05.701
Crystal version 10

This morning we got a request from our customer to provide a 2D datamatrix barcode on all of our documentation such as sales orders, invoices, packing slips etc.

At this stage i don’t know what the fields required should be, but lets assume:
Customer name
Sales order number
Sales order line
Sales order release
Purchase order number

How would i get this data into a 2D barcode AND then add it to the crystal report?..I assume a formula field? but what would the syntax be? Any help would be much appreciated.

Crystal Reports does not include a way to create bar codes. The only exception are font bar codes where it’s character for character replacements. The easiest way to do this us to use one of ID Automation’s products. One of my clients used this to generate Code-128 bar codes. I was surprised how easy it was to get setup. A common mistake with this is that idAutomation fonts and some components must be installed on any computer that would need to render the bar code (like the Crystal Reports Run-time).
Here is a good page to start with I think:
It explains how to integrate with Crystal Reports and the three options they offer to do this. I recommend the Crystal Reports UFL product and method and it’s what I’ve used.:

If you get lost in all their options, just give them a call, tell them what you need to do and if you will need to use SSRS as well.

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Ditto what Rick said. I would add that we purchased a 2D barcode font and implemented in our labels - we don’t bother with Bartender, we prefer to print labels directly.
The product we use requires a number of formula fields be created (in Crystal) then combined together into the single text field to be displayed in the 2D barcode font. The various font providers have their own "readme"s about assembling the field. As Rick also said, we had to purchase on the machine I develop on, AND the PCs that will print these labels as the font has to be “registered” with Windows on the PC.