Date format in BAQ Calculated Field

want this MM/DD/YY but keep on getting MM/DD/YYYY


Can you paste calculation? I think you need a ,1) at the end for that format according to this website.

I changed the title to BAQ Calculated Field.

convert(varchar, PartTran.TranDate, 1)

or just do this

I am on progress.

Stuck at this.

String(Month(Checkhed.CheckDate),“99”) + “/” + String(Day(Checkhed.CheckDate),“99”) + “/” + String(Year(Checkhed.CheckDate),“99”)

Never mind then. I didn’t notice you were on E9

No problem,thanks for the effort. I am working on E10 new install…but need to work on E9 Prog for another 7 months.

I got it though.

String(Month(Checkhed.CheckDate),"99") + "/" + String(Day(Checkhed.CheckDate),"99") + "/" + LEFT-TRIM (String(Year(Checkhed.CheckDate),"9999"),"20")

After looking at what you have to do for something that should be easy, I’m glad we’re on E-10. Glad you got it.