Date Range Criteria for 2 different date fields

Is there a way to have 2 date ranges to be selected on a BAQ?

For instance, I have Apply Date and Invoice Date on Invoice Tables, and I want to be able to switch between the 2 on a the date range criteria.

Is it possible or do I have to create a separate dashboard?

Thanks in Advance.

Miguel Lopez

What about having a to and from date parameters for each of the two dates (i.e. From Invoice Date/To Invoice Date and From Apply Date/To Apply Date)?

I can do that but it looks wierd and I have to check ignore if blank, I don’t know if I can put a check box to select one or the other.

Or is there a way to add text to let the user use one or the other.

Thank you.


I haven’t used E9 for a while, but in 10 there is ignore if empty check box on the parameters.

The other option is set some large out-of bounds defaults so that if the user doesn’t change them one date parameters does not effect the other.