Day 1 Kinentic - DMT, EDU Envir, FieldNames, Migration!

Hello again all, im in the education environment and im trying to get the right fields to populate with my data as part of the phases and migration over.

I am wondering that with the education environment if anyone has any docs with the field names and descriptions, and possibly if anyone has anything they made that shows the relevant fields in salesforce or Fusion autocad FLC

Also is there a way to extract from an app you have open all the fields on the screen so that you can see them in one go without clicking the ? a million times a day?

thanks all - Any docs as part of initial DMT setting up/importing would be mega helpful



Also be handy if people have any tips on how to go about making/creating the data for the BOO’s or a template BOM they imported to epicor so that I can get it in the right format/structure, we have consultants just want to make sure we are going to turn up with value for them, so we as a business get the most out of them

thanks all!!

Have you tried clicking the Template Builder button in the DMT screen you want to load? It has a list of all possible field, marks which ones are required (which isn’t always 100% accurate but its something), and shows the dictionary definition for the field. You can get pretty far with that. The way I usually do it is to enter a couple of records by hand, then use a BAQ to extract every field from the relevant table and see what shows up. That gives a good sense of what needs to be populated.

Look at the data dictionary viewer. If you do the field help in one field, you can find the table name in the technical details. Then pull up that table in the data dictionary viewer and you can get a list of all fields in that table.