Field help moved backward in Kinetic?

I am really warming up to Kinetic. Did my first successful app studio customization to add a field and card to a screen.
FIeld help is easier to get to now. Just click a box.

What I would like to know, is what happened to the show help descriptions that E9 brought us with Field help. I’m talking about (1) below, not the technical (2). Kinetic, when you click on field in Kinetic it only brings up (3) technical.

Does Data Dictionary fill the gap?

Data Dictionary is really what the technical view is.
The description is identical.
Showing resource Group Table column - Calender ID

Have you been able to get this checkbox to turn on and stay on for you in the system, or do you have to turn it on each time you logout and log back in?

You have to turn it back on every time you reopen Kinetic.

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Epicor must have seen my note - they made it harder now.
You also have to set the checkbox for each screen that you open.


The entire Field Help needs to get a good revamp. Im with you.

Also how do we use ICE SDK to Maintain on-prem help? In E10 we can add our own sections and write our own custom help items.

I dont say this often but @Rich nailed it in the Smart Client the past few decades. :slight_smile: He should help the Kinetic team.


I get the feeling the Kinetic modification team doesn’t have power (end) users doing a peer review. Sure, it looks ‘nice’, but everything is more steps than before in Classic (except combining trackers into the entry view as ‘Activity’ - Love that!).

Power users hate having the system slow them down when it’s ‘New and Improved’. And we need to sell it internally to get more buy-in…