Deactivating parts in BOMs

Considering deactivating 700+ parts, but concerned about the ones that are in current BOMs. We copy existing BOMs to create new parts. If the deactivated part is on the BOM for the new part, will the cost for it be included in the finished good? We do this a lot for cost estimates for custom tables, racks, carts.

We mostly use configured parts so Im not sure it’s the same, but on ours, if a Job’s BOM includes a JobMtl that is an inactive part, we get an error during the GetDetails() for the Job.

I have set up a BAQ \ email alert so if MRP creates an UnFirm job with an Inactive part then we get a notification.

Kevin, is the error notification for newly created BOMs? If so, then I would be very interested in getting more information on how that error notification is generated. We copy old BOMs to create new parts for costing / quoting. This is where the concern mostly lies.

Hello Tony,

If you do a Cost Rollup (through the Costing Workbench) , Inactive Parts will not roll up into the Next Level Part. Parts may be identified in the Log file.


It’s the BOM for a Job created from a configured order. So I’m not building this in the Engineering Workbench or anything. I’ll do a trace in my test DB as soon as I get a free minute here and post the relevant logs :+1:

Hi Dean,

Thanks for that input on inactive parts NOT rolling up during cost rollup. What version are you working on? I am on version 10.2.700.3.

Engineering determined, in their testing, that inactive parts will be included in the costing of finished goods parts. They took a part, inactivated it, changed the cost, and verified it showed up in the costing for the part in the BOM. Do you concur with this finding?


Hi Tony,

Yes the part will show up in the BOM Cost Report. If you run the Part Cost Rollup through Costing Workbench, It will not roll up. We are on 2023.1.6 ( Cloud)


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Thanks Dean.

All of the costing considerations aside, good housekeeping practices would demand that inactive parts be removed from MoMs especially if your norm is to create new MoMs from existing.