RMAs and inactive parts?

It’s not uncommon we decide to stop selling a given product(replaced with some other part number), and when this happens we inactivate the old part number(we don’t want people wasting time maintaining a part we don’t sell and inactivating it prevents orders). Unfortunately this causes problems when we get an RMA for the inactive part.

How do others handle this situation? Asking people to activate it and remember to inactivate when the RMA closes is non-ideal…

Will be interesting to see the replies. We to have to remember to make inactive after the RMA ( where did i put that sticky note?..)


Inactivate parts in phases.

Phase 1 - set as “Run Out” and add an alternate part for it. This should generate warnings if it is added to an order, and suggest the alternate.

Phase 2 - after QOH has gone to zero and whatever time that you would no longer accept a return has passed, make it inactive.

Doesn’t solve your initial problem - Which goes beyond just having to make the part “un-Inactive”. Like what are you going to do with it after it is received.

I will be watching this one as well, since we run into the same issue.

For anyone else finding this thread, this is how we decided to solve the problem: