Delete a DMR?

Can a DMR be deleted somehow? We have a couple of DMR headers that stemmed from a processed RMA that needs also needs to be deleted. It won’t let me delete the DMR (DMR header deletion not allowed) despite the fact that the DMR is open and has not been completed - not accepted nor rejected.

My hope was that we could delete the DMR and then delete the RMA Processing record and then delete the RMA itself. Can’t seem to delete the RMA Processing record (thinking this would remove the DMR) but it says inspection process completed.

Did a DMR accept or reject get created? It may have been created and not actually completed?

No; the Accept and Reject tabs are blank.

So is my only option to close the DMRs and RMA?

Just to close the loop on this, we reached out to Epicor Support on this and were advised that the only course of action was to process the DMR, so we marked all items as rejected so as not to impact inventory. This closed the DMRs and RMA.