Delete Reason Code or Make It Invisible

Hello everyone,

We tried to remove some reason code from inventory quantity adjustment.
But, I learned that code that already has transactions cannot be deleted.
If so, can’t I just make the code not appear in the quantity adjustment?
Thank you in advance.

you can consider changing the code to something like “DO NOT USE”, alternatively create a BPM to prevent user from using those code. Just a quick thought, perhaps other member would have some better suggestions

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A few choices here:

  1. Change description - for example “Stock Count” would become “z. Stock Count”. This pushes it to the bottom of the list, alongside training users not to use it.

  2. Train users not to use it, and supplement with a BPM to block it from being used.

  3. BPM to remove it from the list. Firstly add a UD field to the Reason Code table, called Inactive_c.
    Write a BPM that fires on GetRows/GetList and removes from the returned results any item where Inactive_c = true.

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Thanks for your good answer! Sorry to bother you, but can I ask you one more question?
I’m a very Epicor newbie. Can you be more specific about the BPM setting method described above? so that beginners can easily follow.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You don’t need to add a UD Field. If you prefix the description with ‘ZZInactive’, you can filter those out in the BPM.

From the @timshuwy Hall of Fame: ShipVia How to Inactivate

It seems like a very good way to solve my troubles. But I’m a beginner who doesn’t know BPM at all, so I don’t know how to do it specifically. I only recently mastered BAQ.
Can you elaborate on how to handle this in BPM?
I’m sorry to bother you, but can you help me?

  1. Update your reason code description to have the ZZInactive prefix.
  2. Do a trace to see the business object called
  3. Do the rest of Tim’s steps in Post 5 to use that BO.
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Thank you for your kind reply.
I changed the description prefix of Reason Code to “ZZInactive”. But shame on me to ask, I don’t know the route to this BPM Workflow Designer.
I don’t know if the menu to enter is “Method Directives Maintenance” or “BPM Data Form Designer”, and I don’t know what code to search for in the search.
Very very BPM beginner.

Pilio, Start by searching here. When I entered ‘Learn BPM’ in the search box, I got good threads which cover all of the resources that Epicor provides.

Such as: