Deleting AP Invoice after Payments Processed


We have an invoice that was paid online for half the amount.

The invoice was entered as the full amount

The payment was mistakenly entered as paying the full amount

The payment was processed and printed (not on a check since we paid online)

We do not know what to do next, Epicor is not letting us delete this payments since it has been processed, though we did not post that group.

Any recommendations, should I post then adjust Invoice amount to half? Will that screw up the processed payment/check that the system thinks was issued?

Thanks we are Contract Electronics Manufacturer and we went live in Sept 19
Any help much appreciated.



Create a Credit Memo - That’s what they are called in AR. AP may have a different name.

The next time you have to pay that vendor, the amount owed would be reduced by that credit.


In AP, they’re called “Debit Memo” (duh!)

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In AP Invoice Entry under the Actions Menu is a command called, “Create a Correction Invoice” which makes this even easier. You enter the invoice you want to correct and it pulls in everything that the original had and undoes it.

Mark W.

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If I create a Corrective Invoice what do I do with the old invoice number can I tell them its been corrected to the new Invoice number?




The corrective invoice just makes the offsetting entries AND marks any receipts as uninvoiced and now you can re-invoice under a different number.

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Hi - we are trying this in our test system but it isn’t working for us.
sales order raised for customer ABC
PO Raised to supplier 123
Supplier invoice entered in AP Invoices and we have drop shipped the line.
Drop shipment is ticked as AP invoiced.

Turns out to have been a mix up and the supplier shipped to the customer too early in error, the goods have been returned and we need to unmatch the AP invoice and drop shipment. (I know…)

(We know we could apply corrective journals but we will be shipping the items tot his customer and want to still use the same sales order so finance want to unlink everything instead - the AP side was only entered yesterday)

We have a credit note from our supplier and we can credit our customer ok in the AR side.
But we want to reverse or somehow undo the link with the AP Invoice and the drop shipment, so that we can later re-ship the same sales order lines.

I tried the corrective AP invoice, and posted it but the dropshipment still shows as AP invoiced being ticked and it won’t let me reopen it?

Any help appreciated!