Deploying a Dashboard that has a Customization Applied

I am working on a Dashboard Customization, I had to make a change to the Dashboard itself in Dashboard Maintenance and deployed the Dashboard. Going back into Developer Mode to work on the Customization some more, the entire Dashboard interface is broken, the form controls are all over the place and I can no longer edit the form properly.

How can I work on the dashboard itself, without messing up the Customization?

Thank you for your input!

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I always try to start fresh. It is frustrating, I know. But in the long run it is easier to redeploy the dashboard, and start a new customization. Going back and forth editing the same customization can get buggy.

Make sure to use an external editor to save your customization code bits for future reuse. I use Notepad++, and add in comments alongside my code so I know what other little details to change when I copy/paste my code back into a fresh customization. Like if I have to add any ‘using’ statements, or setup any specific control properties.
Good luck!


Thanks Nate! I had a feeling there would be no easy way around this, even though it it would be really beneficial to go back and forth developing the Dashboard and it’s Customization. Good call on the Notepad++, I generally use it when writing Custom Code in Epicor since it is more intuitive than the built in Script Editor.