Desire your Opinion... New EXPLORER feature

Coming Soon in Kinetic 2023.1 (Insert safe harbor statement here), we should have a new “Procure to Pay Explorer” feature available in all the P2P screens (PO, Receipts, AP Invoice and Payment tracker) to see all related items. This image shows the new explorer view. It is CLICKABLE to take you to the item you click on.

But we would like your opinion about this… currently the explorer card is closed when you go to the activity tab. Sometimes when you open the explorer there is only one item there (because it is a new PO with no receipts) but other times, it might have a complex list as seen above.

We want to know how you would expect to see this card open:

  • Explorer card should be open automatically
  • Explorer card should only open automatically if there is more than one thing to explore
  • Explorer card should remain collapsed until you open it. (current behavior)

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I was on that call yesterday … I was wondering if it wouldn’t be possible to add the Explorer Button up top next to Activity and Details instead of putting it in the tree.

If you will be able to click on attachments from this view without having to open the trackers I could see this being the go-to for tracking Procurement and Sales data.


I agree with @Doug.C. Having an Explorer Tab at the top which opens the panel when clicked feels cleaner to me. So another vote for None of the Above.


I agree with the gentlemen above. I feel like a separate tab would be the best layout option.

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I’m confused. Based on the screen shot, it looks like to get to the Explorer view, you just click on Activity? Am I incorrect?

During the presentation, the option was missing from the tree. I believe it’s the first card in the Activity tab. If you collapse it then the POs card should be showing next.

What is the difference between having a separate button to open it and having it be open automatically when you click on Activity?

@jkane, it is a card, and when you press the ACTIVITY tab, you have a list of cards. It is the first card, and it is collapsed.
The question is: Should it always arrive open when you press on the Activity tab.

@Doug.C, yes, the option was missing from the tree, because of how the design happened. We plan on addressing that, but we also are looking at what happens when you first open up the Activity tab. Yes, if you collapse the Explorer, OR scroll down, you will find the PO card below it.

Would also be nice to see Requisitions first the Purchase Orders. Just Saying.


Upon first arrival, not much. If you go to activity later and want to return to the Explorer, you may have to scroll to the top of the activity tree to find the Explorer panel (a smaller target) or click on Details then back to Activity, which is two button clicks. :person_shrugging:

Feature’s like this will really help when I go to deploy Kinetic to all of our end users. I can see explorer views in many different areas. I hope we can create our own explorer views in customizations.


That would be cool.


The explorer concept will be exposed in App Studio, so… (safe harbor)


Have to ask, why are we talking about new UI features when the current Kinetic interface is still riddled with bugs. I like the changes coming in the below video, but this post just looks like Epicor has its efforts in the wrong place

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It would be nice to have the same thing from quote to cash.

Based on the presentation given, they will be doing that.

Why can’t we do both… adding new features AND fixing bugs? We have been spending the last months knocking down many bugs in the UI. We are focusing on fixing the most used apps in the software which includes the “top 20 apps used by every customer every day”… Those include Quote, Order, Jobs, POs, Shipments, Receipts, ap/ar invoicing, gl journals, Bank recon, etc. We also had a team examining the framework issues… things such as how grids behave when copy/paste was done, and this has some amazing results.
2023.1 version has made great strides towards making the browser based experience not just better than the old browser version in 2022.2… but in most cases, performs better than the smart client.


The explorer mentioned above (in my opinion) is a nice to have. Sure it makes the Activity tab more friendly than how it works now, but I think more thought should have been put into the UI from the get go. Not saying you can’t do both, but with the current experience, I would expect more resources would be put towards ironing that out first. Just my two cents

I’m also in agreement with @Doug.C’s idea of adding Explorer button (or whatever you call it) to the top next to next to Activity and Details.

Also with @Patrick’s on adding the pre-PO history; Req’s, Job, Order, etc.


Yes, Quote to Cash is scheduled to be in the 2023.2 release (safe harbor statement here)