Desire your Opinion... New EXPLORER feature

Glad to see this feature is planned to be part of App studio. Depending on how people use the system I think you will find the Quote to cash could get very complex. For example, configurator or 3rd party products like CADlink might tempt people to add a link to CAD for the design.

For the resulting flow chart, this could be built similar to the excel interface for Visio or (to generate a swimlane diagram) using a BAQ.

This will remind our staff of one the few missed features from SAP (R/3) called doc flow. Making this able to be customized will be huge because SAP spent so much time focusing on the accounting transactions that it was tough to pick out the operational parts in the flow.

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Yeah, this was a negative when we were comparing SAP Business 1 with Epicor. But it wasn’t enough to go with SAP…

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when you look at the percentages of our team on each (fixing vs new) we did have a good chunk of the team on fixing things. In fact, even on the “enhancement” team, we did lots of fixes. The explorer was actually a small team compared to the other work done.


Thank you all for your votes and comments.
I am in discussions with Dev on the idea presented by @Doug.C to simply put the explorer up at the top, instead of hidden under the activity button… I think that this is the best idea of them all. That way, if you press the explorer button, the expectation would be for it to open automatically.