DMR Reason Code can't change

Any one know why you can’t reopen a DMR and change the reason code on a rejected part?

We had someone assign the wrong reason code and it can’t be updated via reopen DMR and change Reason Code.

My only other option is to force it thru SQL.

thanks Kim

Quality is a funny thing because of regulations and standards. One of those is normally a requirement for the records to be unchangeable after they are entered, because allowing that to be changed after it’s entered would allow cheating on reporting.

If I recall correctly, once a final disposition has been made to the DMRs they can’t be changed. One reason we always say make sure you’re really, really sure of what you’re doing in the QA module before doing a final disposition.


What I have seen when you can update the DMR is that I had to work from the
right tabs back left…what I mean is that if there was a DMR debit memo I
had to delete that first… then delete the reject quantity… delete any
accepted quantity until you are back to the base DMR, make your changes and
then build it back up.

I do think there is a point of no return as the others have said already.


Those reason codes can have unique GL controls and shuttle costs via the writing of a parttran record to various GL accounts. That’s the theory behind why they can’t be changed once written.
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If I was to force a change thru SQL would have affect the costs?

Do not! Update in SQL that’s a really bad idea

If you have DMT try it that way…but I would check to make sure the new reason code you are using has the same GL account as the old one……if it does not, then talk to tech support about a fix…I know…but it is last resort.

I did have a long discussion with tech support on being able to fix a rejection that was wrong and I had a sense that they were going to come up with a way to reverse these issue that come up but are rare. Not sure where they are on this.

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Are the consequences dealing with if the Reason Codes are assigned to GLs?

The consequences apply whether GL codes apply or not.