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Im trying to load some AR and AP invoices using Open Invoice Load via DMT. It (both the Client version and DMT) seems to be a bit confused as to whether I should used signed values on credit notes/debit notes and whether I should upload tax amounts as signed or unsigned. Anyone got any expereince of this?

Credit memos amount and tax amounts as as positive and the ceditmemo flag is set to credit.

Split your AR Invoices and Credit memos to two imports and run the invoices first. This solves issues you might have any credit memos that might apply to invoices.

For AP, it does not appear to make a difference if you run AP invoices and Debit memos at the same time.

If you are importing from another system. I suggest you setup a UD field or fields that identify the type and invoice number from your old system.

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Thanks Simon. All done now but I found that even when making AR credit memos as a credit memo and supplying a positive value they they went in to the system as negative values and therefore we added to nor removed from the customer balance! Have you had that problem?

No I haven’t. What version are you running, DMT and E10? Out at the moment I’ll post up my template later.

Here you go
AROpenLoad_DMT.xlsx (8.8 KB)

Hope you find it useful