DMT to Load Paychecks from Third Party Provider into Epicor

I have attempted to use the DMT for Check Header and also with Misc Detail to automate loading paychecks from our third party provider into Epicor so that we can use the system to reconcile our bank account. I have found that through many attempts and including different arrangements of the columns in the CSV file that the file fails to upload. It states “No Errors” but the data does not load in the system.

Has anyone solved this and is able to upload paycheck information through DMT?

Which DMT template are you using?

I tried both the Check Header and the Misc Detail templates. I was not sure which one (or both) that I needed to use. Have you found success in using a DMT for this?

Experiencing the same issue. Wondering if you found a resolution.

Unfortunately no. Epicenter said they could write us something to make this work but we would have to pay for it. I am just surprised their is no standard DMT solution that can work for this.

I found this challenging, and I love challenging issues :smiley:

So, I’ve just tried to upload to Check Head with DMT, faced some issues, and then finally I’m able to do it !!

If possible, provide me with few rows (sample data) you are trying to upload, I’ll try from my side and will tell you the possible causes of the issue and possible solutions.

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These are the fields we are trying to upload:

Company XYX
GroupID 010522DD
CurrencyCode USD
ManualPrint TRUE
CheckNum 29298
CheckDate 1/5/2022
Posted FALSE
BankAcctID 1104
CheckAmt 11.36


I’ve tried with the attached CSV file, and it uploaded successfully.

CheckHead.csv (232 Bytes)

First, create empty payment group, set bank account and any required fields.
Then, import payments to this group with DMT.
Exit the group and open it again to see if payments imported, because the refresh button doesn’t work!

If this doesn’t work for you:

  • Try to create a payment manually on the screen and ensure you’re not facing any issue.
  • Do you have legal number configuration for payments? Manual or Automatic? Ensure it is configured well.

Let me know how it goes.

I gave this a try and it did upload but would not allow me to add the Misc Payment information. Do you know how to get this information included in the upload?