DMT - Bill of Operations

I’m trying to mass update a UDF field on PartOpr, and I think I have to use Bill of Operations to do that because we can’t update PartOpr directly. I have recently setup the correct UD Custom field mappings from ECOOpr to PartOpr. The value in the ECOOpr table will be copied to the PartOpr table upon check in of a part from Engineering Workbench. That works fine in the UI, and I see in the database that the field on PartOpr is updated upon part check in & approve.

However, I did a small sample of parts via DMT and I found that the DMT does not always check the part back in! It leaves it in a checked out state. What gives!?

I get the DMT error of “Row has been modified by another user and couldn’t be updated.”

As a corollary, how do you check a part in with DMT? There are a bunch that are now in a checked out state.

The Bill of Operations DMT can be finicky, and timing is an issue. There is A LOT of processing going on behind the scenes which takes time, and the DMT UI can easily get ahead of what the system is trying to accomplish.

After the DMT upload completes, open Engineering Workbench and go into the ECO Group you used for the upload. If any of the items from your upload are in there (if some or even all of them aren’t that is not a critical issue at this point), look at one, make sure the change has been made, and approve and check in that revision.

Now go back to the DMT and upload your “errors” worksheet. Some, most, or even all of them should update properly.

Moral of story… if one error occurs during a BOO or BOM upload, others will probably follow.