DMT Custom Fields Missing?


Good morning,
I am using the data management tool to export and import records through the bill of operations. In PartOpr I can see we have these fields which appear to be built-in generic fields that we have utilized.

	[PartOpr].[Character01] as [PartOpr_Character01],
	[PartOpr].[Character02] as [PartOpr_Character02],
	[PartOpr].[Character03] as [PartOpr_Character03],
	[PartOpr].[Character09] as [PartOpr_Character09],
	[PartOpr].[Character10] as [PartOpr_Character10],
	[PartOpr].[CheckBox01] as [PartOpr_CheckBox01]

However, I can’t use those field names to import data using the DMT. In fact, the DMT only shows two of these fields, (Char01, and Char03).

EDIT: I can see that PartOpr and ECOOpr have different fields at the bottom of the list. How can I get these to align?

What is going on here? How can I update these fields using DMT?

It looks like when your system was upgraded from the Dark Ages to the current state, the ECOOpr table did not have any VALUES in those fields, so the Epicor upgrade process did not create them. Go into UD Column Maintenance, bring up the ECOOpr table and create the missing fields.

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Thank you! That seems easy enough. I will be doing this for other tables that may or may not have the custom fields listed in the DMT. Thanks!!