DMT Error for BOO

Version 10.1.400

I am getting a “Method (partDefaults) Table PartRev Cannot Add Operation From This Site. Operations for this Part Revision can be added only from Site MfgSys” when I am trying to DMT BOO details in. We are a multi-plant company and have 1 revision for our parts but have different alt methods for each part which corresponds to one of our 3 sites. I feel like something needs changed at the operation level but can’t quite put my finger on what needs changed to get these to load. Any insight is appreciated.


Hi Brandon,

Have you been able to manually do (i.e., engrg workbench) what you are trying to do via DMT?

We had significant problems with our multi-site alternate methods when we first went from E9 to 10.1.600.5.
After working with support to get some problems fixed we went to 10.1.600.20 which made a huge difference in behavior of multi-site bom listing, method tracker, and alternate methods.