DMT help - working with PartPlant for second site

Working in 10.1.400.38 and DMT version

We are setting up for a second Site/Plant in Epicor. I want to help out by using DMT to add the new site with a primary warehouse, safety qty, min mft lot size, and several other fields to some purchased Parts.
I’m using a csv file, with the following columns
Company Plant PrimWhse PartNum BuyerID SafetyQty MinMfgLotSize DaysofSupply ReceiveTime PersonID MinOrderQty LeadTime ForecastTime VendorNumVendorID PurPoint GenerateSugg BuyToOrder DropShip

When I run DMT, I get errors on all Parts
2022-08-22T14:11:09 PartNum 25016 Plant NEWARK 25016 NEWARK Table: ttPartPlant Msg: Field references invalid value.

NEWARK is the site ID for the second site, I’ve confirmed the spelling ect.

What am I doing wrong?

Which DMT menu item are you using?

I’m using Management\Inventory\Part\Part Plant

Try doing this in test with one record and a few columns.

Something like this. Just to make sure it’s not the plant. Keep adding columns till it works.

Company PartNum BuyerID Plant
EmbedTek 001-121 Buyer6 MfgSys
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thank you knash! I didn’t think to do that earlier.

It’s the VendorNumVendorID field that’s causing the problem.

The value that is in the results of the BAQ is the VendorNum and the DMT is expecting the VendorID.

I’ll just have to add the Vendor table and replace the value in the Display Fields with VendorID.

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