DMT out a vendor from PartPlant?


We have a few thousand part plant records that erroneously have a vendor for items which are actually transfer parts. My data OCD is kicking in and I want to remove the vendor from the records - and also because it is complicating some BAQ that are relying on the field.

I cannot seem to clear this field via DMT! I have tried using VendorNum as the column header and using an empty value or a 0, I have tried using VendNumVendorID and setting it to zero (throws error) and an empty value, but it’s not working. I can change the value to another valid VendorID but cannot clear the field.

Is this a DMT bug or am I just not doing this right? Haven’t tried delete mode under the presumption that it’s going to try to delete the whole part plant record.

Hi Brent,

I had a little trouble with this too, but then discovered that zeroing VendorNum AND setting VendorNumVendorID blank works, per below. Maybe this’ll work for you too…

Sweet action! Thanks, Nancy!

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