DMT -Playlists

Has anyone seen any details on whether DMT Playlist feature can be used from command line/Power Shell?

I couldn’t find any documentation for it, and its not listed in the help when running ./dmt -?. However running dmt with the “-playlist” flag and pointing it at a playlist does work.


Thank you - I will take that route and share the results - Much appreciated!

I think the -playlist was in the powershell before being in the GUI at least when I told one of our developers about this option in the GUI, he said he was already using it in powershell.

Sorry to jump in on the thread but can someone explain what playlist is?

From the DMT home screen:

“A PlayList is a CSV file containing a list of Import files. A PlayList can be loaded into DMT and used to run the list of Imports. PlayLists support many of the features of the Command Line Argument feature, so you can control whether to Add, Delete or Update the specified Imports. The PlayLists menu item can be found in the main menu”

It allows you to setup a list of DMT imports to load. Similar functionality to using a powershell script.

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I prefer the Powershell route because I can test if the import was successful (by looking into the Error file) or not and then abandon the remaining imports until all errors are fixed.

Mark W.


Thanks for the clarification… I always meant to actually read the home screen but never seemed to get around to it. :sweat_smile: