DMT SalesOrderCombined - Where are the Misc Header Charges

In case anyone else is working this weekend - I’m setting up a DMT file to migrate sales orders out of quickbooks into Epicor, and was planning on using the Sales Order Combined template. I couldn’t find the misc header charge table, though! Am I losing my mind, or was this not added?

Here are all the “misc” fields in the Sales Order Combined template:

If I need to do this in 2 parts, would I run the SO Combined first, then do a 2nd DMT for Sales Order Misc Charge?

In case there are better alternatives, we use misc header charges for sales discounts, while Quickbooks used a ‘SalesDiscount’ line on the order. I figured it’s better to import the sales orders the way we want to use Epicor, rather than create a SalesDiscount part (and GL). Can a part even have a negative price?

Thanks guys!

A misc header charge is just a misc line charge with linenum 0

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Also, when it comes to discounts, header discounts can only be specified as a percentage of the order total.

Line discounts can be either a fixed amount, or % of the line.

To make a line that is just the discount, you’d need to set tge price at $0.00, then enter the discount amount. The lines ext price would then be negative.

Calvin - Thanks! Our team downstairs volunteered to roll the discount into the first line item - Just 50 or so orders. This is good to know for next time (if ever we need to do it!).

Calvin - I ended up DMT’ing in the discounts as a Misc Line Header Charge on Line 1 and Seq 1, and stuck with Fixed Amount. I tried Line 0 and Seq 0 just in case, but it errored where it couldn’t find the right keys. I supposed I could have tried Seq 1, but needed to wrap this up. Thanks for your help.

I’m pretty sure it should have been Line 0, Seq 1.

With subsequent Header Charges as Line 0, Seq 2, 3, 4…

And to add to the confusion… Header Misc Charges on an Order (line 0) always go to Line 1 on AR invoices.

There is a Sales Order Line Misc Charge and a Sales Order Misc Charge DMT. We use the latter for header misc charges.

@RickGudorf - Thanks! Not sure how I missed that…